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Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:
Jessica Taylor | Ad Victoriam. GbmAT9q

Jessica Taylor | Ad Victoriam. Claire-redfield

Unit Name: Jessica Taylor
Unit Gender: Female
Unit Ranking: Knight Sergeant

Physical Appearance: Knight Taylor stands at around five foot eleven with a lithe build formed after months of intense physical training. She bears no physical scarring and modification, she appears to be of the Caucasian race with a slightly pale skin pigmentation.

Unit Vocals: A sample of personnel's vocals can be listen to here;


Unit General Information.

Unit training: Basic training, Combat Training, Heavy Weapons Training.
Unit Assignment: Norfolk Expedition
Unit Location: Washington
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Brotherhood of Steel
Listed Liked Factions: Brotherhood of Steel
Listed Disliked Factions: Outcasts
Listed Neutral Factions: Wastelanders, Peaceful Wildlife
Hostile Factions: Enclave Remnants, Raiders, Hostile Wildlife, Super Mutants

Unit Personnel Relationships.

Knight Sergeant Katherine Taylor & Knight David Taylor: I don't usually talk about my parents that often, but I suppose it helps lift my spirits to know that I've still got them around, especially seeing as they were involved in the battle for the purifier. They raised me into the Brotherhood and helped me get to where I am today and for that I can't thank and love them enough. I think they're really proud of me for getting selected for this expedition, at least they seemed it once the news reached their ears. At least I'll hopefully get home safe and see them again.

Paladin Benavidez :: The Paladin and leader of the militaristic aspects of this expedition. Whilst I do not know my superior on a personal level. Having seen the Paladin's combat and tactical ability first hand, I strongly believe that Elder Lyons picked the right man to lead this expedition and I will do my best to bring glory to both him as my superior and to the Brotherhood. Paladin Benavidez has also bestowed upon me the honour of wearing his former set of T-45D power armour with reinforced armour and an upgraded radio module for which has proven extremely useful in the field as a squad leader.

Senior Scribe Larson :: Our Senior Scribe on this expedition. Much like my relations with Paladin Benavidez, I do not know the man personally but I have heard of his work from other Knights during my service with the Brotherhood. Whilst I see myself more suited to my duties as a Knight, I can respect the work that Senior Scribe Larson and his team undertake to learn more about the technology in the world before our own. I would be more than happy to assist the scribes in any way possible during our expedition, such is the will of the Brotherhood.

Knight Captain Kelce :: Recently promoted to Knight Captain which was what warranted my promotion. As my superior, I respect Knight Captain Kelce for his attitude towards the battlefield and the training of initiates and aspirants which is brutal but ultimately effective. I understand why Paladin Benavidez promoted Knight Captain Kelce to the rank that he stands at now and approve of the decision due to the performance that I have seen of Knight Captain Kelce. I respect him as both a leader and a role model for the newer of the Brotherhood who wish to become Knights and will happily follow him into combat and follow his orders without question.

Approved of:
Scribe Mckinnon :: One of the scribes under Senior Scribe Larson during this expedition. I have had the honour of serving alongside Scribe Mckinnon before during numerous research patrols during my time as a Knight within the Brotherhood. Having seen her in the field first hand, I believe her capabilities will make her a valuable asset during the expedition and will bring further glory to the Brotherhood.

Knight Brigham :: Another Knight that I have had the honour of serving alongside Knight Brigham on numerous operations for the Brotherhood against its enemies. I also have the honour of knowing Brigham on a personal level too, having spent a good number of years in the same squad together during our service to the Brotherhood and the Elder. It pleases me to know that Knight Brigham was selected for this Expedition, I know he'll be an effective asset to our superiors during our mission.

Knight Cooper :: Yet another Knight who has been assigned upon this expedition. He is both a capable soldier and a good spotter, if the encounter with the radscorpion abomination was anything to go by. He also appears friendly enough when we are not in the heat in combat and follows orders adequately. Overall, his abilities and attitude to his duties are sufficient and I personally hope that he continues to perform effectively.

Initiate Greek :: An initiate who has been selected to be brought along on this expedition. This initiate seems to look up to me as a role model and seems to come to myself first to report something or ask permission. This initiate has shown a lot of promise, determination and enthusiasm to her duties within the Brotherhood. With hope, this initiate can use my guidance and the training from Knight Captain Kelce to prove that she is worthy enough to become a Knight. She was recently bestowed the honours of wearing power armour as an Initiate which in a sense proves that both my place as her role model and Kelce's training has had the right effect.

Initiate Jannis :: Another initiate who has been selected to be brought along on this expedition. Whilst I have not witnessed much of Initiate Jannis and his ability on the field first hand, the Paladin has seen it fit to bestow him with the honour of bearing power armour at the rank of initiate. That alone reassures me that Initiate Jannis is a capable and effective soldier who takes his duties to the Brotherhood seriously and does not question them or orders given to him. I believe that with continuous amounts of admirable service and conduct on the field, he will prove himself worthy of the title of Knight. Initiate Jannis has also expressed interest into heavy weapons, which may or may not be the solution to our lack of heavy weapons operators situation.

Knight Warmin: Another Knight who has been assigned on this expedition. Knight Warmin shows effectiveness on the field and has proven a valuable asset to the Brotherhood. This is as much as I know of Knight Warmin currently and I will need a far lengthier period of evaluation before I can provide more insight.


Disapproved of:


Sworn Against:


[If you want to be added prior to the server's launch due to interactions in the past of the character's history, please PM me and I'll see what works]

Unit History:

Having been born to a pair of Knights within the Brotherhood of Steel, Jessica was raised to be like her parents from the day she was born. Growing up in the Wasteland was no easy task and even with the safety of the Brotherhood at her side there were trials to undertake. Once she was of suitable age, Jessica served as a Squire with the Brotherhood, learning from an early age about how the Brotherhood operated and what she would be undertaking as duties when she was of suitable age. Occasionally being sent alongside a member of the Brotherhood on a patrol, she would quickly take note of how the best of the Brotherhood should act and respond to certain situations and began to model herself accordingly to these beliefs and regulations with the intent of being one of the best under the Brotherhoods wing.

Reaching teenage years, she would quickly be brought to Initiate and given additional duties to undertake with her new title. Starting to go out as part of regular patrols, she would begin to encounter conflicts that differed from the usual wasteland abominations to raiders to the far dangerous super mutants. Whilst she would certainly see her fair share of close calls, luckily she was not to be claimed by the wastes so early in her career, and usually only found herself with a minor scratch or at most a bullet wound which was usually treated rather quickly by a trusty medic and rest.

Once she had enough experience under her belt, she was promoted to Knight and given a suit of T-45d Power Armour for her to wear as well as the training to use it. With the new additional gear, Jessica found herself being a force multiplier of the Brotherhood, having taken additional training to use the CZ53 minigun rather than a laser rifle; whilst she held no grudge against the AER-9, she put herself forward for the training when she heard that there was a lack of heavy weapons operators and took it upon herself to fulfil the role. At the time, the war against the Enclave was heating up and Jessica found herself in engagements against Enclave soldiers clad in Power Armour just like herself. Having been wounded on a patrol rather severely, she was taken back to the citadel for recovery and treatment. During this time, she found herself absent from the battle for the Purifier whilst her parents were sent forward to reclaim the location from the Enclave. With their mission successful, her parents returned to the Citadel alive and well. After a rest and recovery period and a service from the Elder himself dedicated to their victory and those who had lost their lives during the path to glory, the Brotherhood would find itself the victory in the Capital Wasteland, returning their attention to the abominations that plagued the Wasteland.

With the Expedition to Norfolk assembled and Jessica having continued her fight against ghouls and super mutants during the aftermath of the battle for the Purifier, she was selected to be a part of the Knight escort during the mission. Seeing herself in a negative manner due to her absence from the battle for the Purifier a few years before, Jessica was delighted to finally be of service to the Brotherhood once again. She joined the group readying to travel, led by Paladin Benavides and Senior Scribe Larson; two important figures that Jessica both saw as effective leaders and perfect choices for the heads of the expedition, she awaits the time to leave, hoping to bring glory to the Brotherhood once again.
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