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Post by Scout on Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:04 am

Here, we will organize and record day by day events.

Norfolk Expedition - Day One (In Game)

0800 Hours The Expedition departs from the Citadel. Armed and ready for the long voyage ahead. Step one is exiting the Capital Wasteland.

0825 Expedition runs into a Yao Gai. The creature is quickly surrounded and swiftly killed.

0835 The Expedition reaches the bridge to the 95 Highway, it's filled with raiders. They quickly storm the bridge, making clean work of the raiders. The rebel leader, found clad in a personal Power Armor, allowed the BoS to pass, as he leaves the bridge and his group behind.

0850 The Expedition starts it's trip down the 95 Highway.

Three Days Later
During the course of three days travel, they travel down a widely empty highway road, a few mishaps with small critters and creatures.

1200 The Expedition arrives in a new area, through a tunnel. the 95 Highway continues, but the Paladin deems this area a good spot to  set up a Brotherhood Outpost.

1205 The Expedition is split between two Squads, Aegis and Longsword. They move up the road in a staggered column and occupy a gas station.

1230 Aegis moves back down the road, South believing to see something off in the distance earlier. Longsword heads North, up the road.

1250 Aegis finds the settlement of Satsburry. It's occupied by a sole survivor, Kelvin Jay. He states the town was overrun by a man known as 'Ginger' with an army of ghouls they he slipped in during the night. Jay is the only survivor.

1251 Longsword encounters large packs of feral dogs, the dogs are quickly eliminated

1400 A full sweep of the town is complete, suspicious, yet nothing alarming was found.

1412 Initiate James Lee is attacked by Kelvin Jay. Jay disarms the Initiate and locks him in a room full of skeletons of the past settlers of Satsburry.

1450 Initiate James is found by the Paladin, the Paladin orders a search for Jay. He is found in his home, wanting to be killed. The Paladin speaks to him personally, and calms the nerves of Jay. He seems to be on the path of recovery.

1450 Longsword runs into a Super Mutant Behemoth. It also passes by not noting Longsword, however, Initiate Mark Jannis was spotted out in the open. A firefight pursued, and the Behemoth retreated after taking a strong shot to the head.

1530 Longsword regroups Aegis at Satsburry.

1650 At the Paladin's orders, all corpse were removed and buried.

The Next Day

0800 The Mines in the back of the town are cleared of all mutants and other creatures.

1000 Senior Scribe Larson discovers information of a Vault, Vault 4, in the area.

1030 The information is verified, and Senior Scribe calls a meeting, preparing the men to go to the Vault. The Paladin organizes.

1100 A stray teenager is picked up on the road. A fitting description can be with the words of  Knight Captain Kelce: "Oh, the poor thing's retarded."

1125 The Entrance to the Vault was discovered. Small amounts of radiation comes from the Vault.

1130 The Vault is entered. Several ghoulified bodies are found on the beds in the medical wing.

1150 The second floor was found clear of mutants.

1155 An armory is found, housing an array of weapons. The door is locked, and a fully armed securitron is found active inside.

1210 Mark Jannis finds the Overseer terminal, hacks into it, and successfully unlocks the door. The Sentry bot is drawn outside, where it is destroyed by the Knights. In addition, the true purpose of the Vault was discovered. To test the effects of radiation over a long period of time in a controlled environment, Vault 4 was selected to fulfill this job.

1215 The armory is looted, adding a lot of basic weapons, but also unique ones, such as the plasma rifle and gatling laser.

1244 The Expedition makes it's way back to the town.

1250 Merchants and civilians move into Satsburry. The town is growing.

1315The expedition arrives back. The weapons are allocated to certain members, the rest are given to the town of Satsburry.

1500The Expedition moves South to look for another settlement, along the way, they run into large numbers of Feral Ghouls. At the town, it seems it was overrun by Raiders, then overran by Feral Ghouls. The squads pushed their way into the town, but were forced out, when hundreds of ferals poured into through the front gate.

1600 The expedition arrives back home.

1700 Vertibirds are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, as ordered by the Paladin and Senior Scribe.


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