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1A - Initiate Reports Empty 1A - Initiate Reports

Post by Scout on Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:06 am

All Initiates will receive an in-depth report here. These reports will be given directly to the Paladin, Knight Sergeant, and Senior Scribe.

Initiate Juan Santiago Handled himself well on patrols in the Capital Wasteland. Has proven to keep his head straight in the Expedition. No major screw ups, however, can be slow in his actions. Could have a shot at promotion.

Initiate Mark Jannis Reliable and ready to go. While he did fuck up, being spotted by a damn Behemoth, he was able to redeem himself by showing technical use by overriding the Overseer's terminal, allowing the team to gain access to the Vault's armory. One of the top cadets in my books for a promotion.

Initiate Alexis Greek Sturdy and reliable. One of the top cadets in my books for a promotion. Alexis Greek has proven her combat abilities, beating other initiates in the ring, and has also shown her ability on the field, keeping her cool in many different situations.

Initiate Rex William Reliable and active in his mission. This initiate has shown that he's eager to serve the Brotherhood, but may lack some fine tuned skills.

Initiate Isaac Brando Recently promoted, this initiate has already shown much dedication and an eagerness to serve.

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