Paladin Joseph Benavidez - Expedition Commander

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Paladin Joseph Benavidez - Expedition Commander Empty Paladin Joseph Benavidez - Expedition Commander

Post by Mister Vasili on Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:18 pm

[center]Select Personnel File.

>Roger Brown
>Paul Cooper
>Dale Kohler
>Joseph Benavidez :: Joseph Benavidez Selected.
>Korbin Brigham
>Kylie McKinnon

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:
Paladin Joseph Benavidez - Expedition Commander DkOVskr

Unit Name: Joseph Benavidez
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Ranking: Paladin

Physical Appearance: Essential Physical Appearance:: 5'10/Light Brown Skin Tone/Short somewhat unkempt hair/Clean Shaven/38 Y.O./Blue Eyes/Slight Hispanic-American Accent/Stern Tone/General air of uniformity


Unit General Information.

Unit training: Basic training, Combat Training, Advanced Combat Training, Advanced Weapons Course, Leadership Training, Officer School
Unit Assignment: Norfolk Expedition
Unit Location: Washington D.C.
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Brotherhood of Steel
Listed Liked Factions: Brotherhood Outcasts
Listed Disliked Factions: Talon Company
Listed Neutral Factions: Wastelanders, Animal Life
Hostile Factions: Enclave Remnants, Super Mutants, Raiders, Slavers

Unit Personnel Relationships.


Kylie Mckinnon - I served with her father as a knight and now as a paladin. She shows promise and I'l like to see her come through this on top but I won't treat her any different than I would any other member of my unit.







Unit History:[Brief Autobiography Loading....::Loaded: I was 27 years old when I joined up with the Brotherhood of Steel in the year 2271. They found me some dirty wasteland scavenging vagabond, I barely had a home and no family. I knew about the Brotherhood before seeing them but when I first set my eyes on those knights in shining armor, setting out to help the people of the wasteland, I knew where I belonged. First, the Brotherhood gave me a home and family, then they gave me all the knowledge and ideals that make me who I am today. Though, enough of that, this log will serve as a brief personal service record to be archived in my personnel file before I begin my command of a very important mission.

I rose through the ranks in standard and combat patrols against the downtown mutants which had infested the area. Through these patrols I eventually gained the rank of knight, just two years before the breakout of the Brotherhood-Enclave war. It was during this war where I earned most of my commendations. I took part in the battle of Rockland, securing the exterior of the Enclave outpost which wasn't much of a challenge considering I was alongside Liberty Prime. Prime destroyed those Enclave bastards and was destroyed himself just before I saw the Lyons Pride storm the outpost.

During the battle of Adams Air force Base I was tasked with a squad of knights to secure a portion of the metro station vital to the success of the mission. My squad leader deemed it necessary to split up the force to cover two choke points simultaneously from waves of attacking ferals. My squad leader had me defend one side and I suppose he was satisfied as he wrote a recommendation letter after the battle. The war had ended and I was deemed fit for promotion, I went through several advanced training courses and emerged boosted up the ranks as a fully fledged paladin. Recently I was selected to lead an expedition into Virginia, to the Norfolk Naval Base.
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