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Post by Mister Vasili on Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:31 am

Expedition Command
Expedition Commander - Paladin Joseph Benavidez
Expedition 2IC - Senior Scribe Charles Larson
Expedition Military Commander - Knight Captain Travis Kelce

Squad Leader - Knight Sergeant Jessica Taylor
Knight - Knight Paul Cooper
Knight - Knight Talus Vernon
Knight - Knight Rylo Kenzo
Knight - Knight Diogo Perron
Knight - Knight Korbin Brigham
Knight - Knight Moblit Wagner
Knight - Knight Reily Warmin
Knight - Knight Sam Mercier
Trainee - Initiate Mark Jannis
Trainee - Initiate Juan Santiago
Trainee - Initiate Rex William
Trainee - Initiate Alexis Greek
Trainee - Initiate Lee James
Trainee - Initiate Isaac Brando
Trainee - Initiate Kang Shi

Scribe - Kylie McKinnon
Communications Operator - Dave Kohler
Scribe - Sven Thomas
Scribe Initiate - Jackson McGregory
Scribe Initiate - Louis Meyer
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