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Post by Sly Coopr on Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:38 pm

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>Paul Cooper :: Paul Cooper Selected.
>Dale Kohler
>Joseph Benavidez
>Korbin Brigham
>Kylie McKinnon

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:
Paul Cooper 6259f811

Unit Name: Paul Cooper
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Ranking: Knight

Physical Appearance: 5'11/Caucasian/Dark Unkept Hair/Bearded/Dark Brown Eyes/Intense Look/26 Y.O.

Unit Vocals: American accent


Unit General Information.

Unit training: Basic training and experience as an Ex-Raider
Unit Assignment: Norfolk Expedition
Unit Location: Washington
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Brotherhood of Steel
Listed Liked Factions: Brotherhood of Steel
Listed Disliked Factions: The Outcasts, Talon Company
Listed Neutral Factions: Wastelanders, Unhostile Creatures, Raiders
Hostile Factions: Hostile Creatures, Enclave Remnants, Slavers, Super Mutants, Feral Ghouls

Unit Personnel Relationships.


Knight Jessica Taylor- One of the only people in the Brotherhood I would consider a friend. She doesn't speak to me often, but I enjoy our chats. I also respect her as a soldier on the field, I've seen how she can turn the tide of a battle with that big ass gun of hers.

Raiders- Born to a Raider and lived most of my life as one. I'd be a hypocrite if I said I hated them.

Scribe Kylie Mckinnon- The bitch doesn't know when to shut her mouth, she always has something insulting to say to someone whether it's a Knight, Initiate, or fellow Scribe. One of these days, she's gonna say something to the wrong person and get her ass kicked.

Paladin Joseph Benavidez- Hardass.
Senior Scribe Charles Larson- He seems to actually care about the people he is leading and I feel as though he will bring us all to victory.

Ghouls- Nothing has ever come closer to killing me than a horde of Ghouls. Wiped out my entire party and nearly got me too. I still have nightmares about it.



Unit History:
Born to a father that was a Raider and a mother who's name I don't even know. Father was an abusive drunk and my mother killed herself when I was 3. It's a common story you hear in a life as a Raider. Grew up being taught how to use a gun and how to kill some nobody for his hat. I was your generic everyday Raider. Though, I disliked being a Raider. Was it cause I hated killing and felt guilty? No, that had become part of me. It was the unorganized and drunken nature of the Raiders that caused me to dislike my way of life.

5 years ago, the head Raider at the time, Rylan, caught wind that there was a big haul of weapons and ammo at a not too distant RobCo. and gathered a party to fetch it, including me. It was the same old mission, we go there, kill, head back with our loot. But, when we arrived, the place was swarmed with Feral Ghouls and it reeked with death. I knew that going in there was suicide, but, Rylan demanded we enter, so we entered anyway against my instinct. It looked like the floor at given way into a metro below and the Ghouls swarmed and killed the last group living there, as they began to do to our raid party... One by one, each man fell, overwhelmed by Ghouls, until I was the last man backed into the corner and was I knew I was fucked. Then suddenly, men in Power Armor stormed in and saved my damned ass and pushed back the Ghouls into the Metro. Once the chaos was over, I discovered they were of the Brotherhood. They too had heard of the weapons here and came to claim them. What caught my attention was the order and efficiency they held and I asked if I may join their ranks, so they brought me back to the Citadel. I then joined the Brotherhood of Steel and worked my way up to Knight. The organization and professionalism was something I reveled in. The ideal of a brotherhood was something that made me feel truly at home and the trust I have in each member is something I never experienced as a Raider. [/center]

[Coming soon I suppose]
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