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Post by BronzyCoder on Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:18 pm

Steam Name: BronzyCoder
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:24758420
Timezone: GMT
Do you know any members of the Server: Yes
Do you have a history with EUPRP: No
RP Experience: Around 10 years or so of general roleplay experience, closer to 2 in Garry's Mod roleplay experience. However, Fallout RP is something very new to me.

IC Info

Character Name: Kang Shi
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Kang stands at 5'8, with a typically East Asian complexion and lean build. He has a rather defined jawline and cheekbones, along with sporting brown eyes and very dark hair, that is often kept short whenever he can get a chance to trim or cut it.
Backstory (must be at least two paragraphs):

Kang, born into a family previously held within the Chinese Internment camps notorious in some areas for experimentation and cruelty, grew up in a rather small settlement within the Capital Wasteland. An almost entirely Chinese-American or otherwise Asian-American population filled it, being the descendants of those escaping persecution as perceived communist sympathizers, for the mistake of being Chinese, or at times just for looking like you might be Chinese or if you happened to have a last name sounding like Cheng. Spending most of his young life in the small town, he grew to idolize a close friend of his family, a man named Lin. A former NCR soldier and Ghoul that wandered into the town while Kang was young, he was pleased to find at least one of the children who didn't find his appearance disgusting or scary. The adults, though for the most part finding his appearance quite revolting, were accepting of him, especially due to his ability to protect them.

The young Shi grew to have a romanticized view of the NCR thanks to the stories and tales that Lin would spin for him, and often told his parents that when he grew up, he wanted to be a soldier too. His parents often smiled and dismissed this as the typical fantasies of a young boy that wanted to fight some of the great monsters of the Wasteland, that they hoped he would never even encounter. Kang began to develop more of a rebellious streak as he got older, it getting worse as he approached his late teens. He would often get into loud fights with his parents, prompting someone to check everything was alright. It was Lin's death in a Raider attack on the settlement that was eventually held off that tipped Kang's temperament over. He became much more withdrawn and reclusive compared to usual, exhibiting a more reserved personality as he tried to get over it. His family's arguments got worse, culminating in his father finally physically confronting him. Later that night, waiting until his parents were asleep, Kang took what supplies he could make off with and snuck away, intending to head West. In his naivety, he assumed it would be easy; bring enough caps for a travelling caravan of some sort to agree to take him along, and keep going west until he hit the NCR.

It wasn't so easy. He encountered Raiders before any trade caravans, barely escaping with his life and caps. He spent the next few months terrified and avoiding any conflict, whittling down the supplies he had with him. He came to realize he wasn't going to last long like this, using opportunities he had to steal supplies from a raider encampment, including an old rifle. Putting it to use, he began to mainly hunt animals such as Radroaches or Molerats, though on special occasions he got the rare treat of dog. Now and again he would have to get back into encampments, only once confusing a settler's place for one used by raiders. He would stop his looting nearly 3 years after running away from home, now at the age of 20 when he mistakenly ended up in the turf of Talon Company Mercenaries.

Leaving that area with a bullet wound for his trouble, he decided to slow it down. Unfortunately, resting up let him get caught off guard. Feeling stupid for not hearing a thing, he was ambushed and subdued by a group of Super Mutants. Dragged off to one of their camps nearby, he waited in a cage as he saw others dragged off either for experimentation, food or other, more nefarious reasons he couldn't possibly guess. He desperately looks for some form of escape for the days that he was imprisoned, and it finally came as he heard laser rifles and the stomping of metal feet. Using the firefight between what he would later find to be Brotherhood of Steel to free himself and other captives, he scavenged a weapon from one of the dead mutants, using the firearm to help fight (or at least, distract) the large creatures. After the skirmish, he approached the patrol, pleading for a chance to go with them. He had heard of the Brotherhood, and seen first hand not only their prowess, but the selfishness of other groups. Admittedly, some small part of him may have also done it for the sake of his own skin, but if that was the main motivation, he would not even become an Initiate.

Initial tests and training were promising for the young recruit, given education about the Wasteland itself and history as well as instructional courses in hand to hand combat and marksmanship. Though they were intended to teach, they were not extensive or overly complex, as the true test of his mettle would come out in the field. Passing with relatively high scores both in academic and practical instruction, he was accepted as an Initiate into the Brotherhood, receiving further assignment.


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