Road's Whitelist Application

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Road's Whitelist Application Empty Road's Whitelist Application

Post by Road on Sat Nov 28, 2015 12:17 pm

Steam Name: Road

Steam ID: /id/ThePlasticBeach/

Timezone: GMT

Do you know any members of the Server: I know Higgins (Psycho Memester) and Sillykilla.

Do you have a history with EUPRP: None at all.

RP Experience: I've been RPing now for a few years and have covered multiple RP styles. One of my first experiences was a MilitaryRP, and I've largely stuck to them. However I've also taken part in many 'freeroam' RP's such as STALKER and FalloutRP's. In terms of profession, I've ran my own community, co-owned a community and been all levels of admin on others.
I've largely just roleplayed on Garry's Mod servers, however I did RP on SWTOR for a brief time.

IC Info

Character Name: Andrew Holt

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Before you stands a male at around 6'1", he has a relatively athletic physique and appears to be in good shape. He has fairly pale skin, short yet messy blonde hair and bright green eyes. He speaks in a fairly relaxed yet charismatic tone. He is wearing the standard issue Brotherhood of Steel overalls, the crest displayed clearly on his left shoulder.

Backstory (must be at least two paragraphs):
Holt was born in May, 2258 on the western border of the DC Ruins in the Capital Wasteland in a small settlement known as Hargrove, named after the settlements founder. Holt grew up living a fairly normal life for a Waster, doing runs to Megaton and Rivet City on trade with a few other locals, farming and all other mundane activities. Typically, the settlement would be raided once a month by raiders or mutants, however these numbers began to dwindle after the Lyons' Brotherhood began to occupy the citadel. Life seemed peaceful for the time being.

However, in 2275, a band of mutants managed to overwhelm the feeble defences of the settlement and forced Holt to flee with a number of others. Eventually, Holt and a number of other survivors and paid mercenaries attempted to reclaim Hargrove but were swiftly knocked aside by the mutants now occupying it. However, the Brotherhood were not far behind and managed to push the Mutants back into the Wastes. Holt decided, after seeing the unity of the Brotherhood soldiers, to enlist in 2277 after the Brotherhood opened their doors to outsiders.

From there, Holt began his training and has proved to be loyal to the Brotherhood's cause to the current day.


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Road's Whitelist Application Empty Re: Road's Whitelist Application

Post by Scout on Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:22 am


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