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Special Character Application Empty Special Character Application

Post by Psycho Memester on Sat Nov 28, 2015 5:47 pm

Steam Name: Psycho Memester
Steam ID: I'll grab this if it's necessary.
Timezone: 0 GMT
Do you know any members of the Server: Yup.
Do you have a history with EUPRP: Yup.
RP Experience: A fucking lot, I'd write it down but I forgot most of it because I'm old.

IC Info

Character Name: Logan Wyatt

Gender: Male

Physical Description: This figure stands at about five foot eight with a neutral build, showing no lenience towards either end of the spectrum. He has short brown hair and sharp emerald green eyes, although it us more often than not concealed by the attire he wears.

Backstory (must be at least two paragraphs):

It would be quite a surprise that the Wyatt family were once loyal members to the Enclave. Following the orders of their superiors, James and Elizabeth Wyatt were part of the research and development personnel that helped push the Enclave agenda. Whilst being based in Raven Rock, this is where Logan would be born. The young kid, who really had no say in the matter, was quickly thrust under the indoctrination and propaganda surrounding the Enclave, being brought up as one of their own who when of suitable age would work under the banner of the Enclave, hoping to make the wasteland a new 'America' for the remaining pure of humanity to thrive once again.

However, when of suitable age to begin his duties within the Enclave, Logan did not see himself as a scientist. Whilst having been taught everything required from an early age to his teenage years, Logan desired to be a soldier rather than a researcher. With no real quarrels from his superiors or his parents, who had bigger problems at the time, Logan was quickly put under basic training and made a Private within the military forces of the Enclave. Having passed with decent scores in his testing, Logan was sent as part of a small team near Norfolk, where they would garrison an outpost and ensure that the reach of the Enclave expanded. The assignment did have its perks, especially for the freshly deployed Logan. Killing impure ghouls, mutants and humans whilst securing territory for the Enclave? What wasn't to like for someone who was literally raised on the ideals of the Enclave?

However, Logan's career with the group that had raised him was certainly not to last. With the fall of Raven Rock and being too far out to act as reinforcements to push back the Brotherhood of Steel, Logan and his squad quickly found themselves destabilized and broken. Taking refugee in a small underground complex, the group gathered resources and tried to gauge their next move. Logan, on the other hand, was not so adamant on staying put and holding out as an Enclave remnant. Gathering supplies and hacking his way out in secret, Logan set out onto the surface wearing a standard Enclave scientist suit, which had been mixed up in supplies just a few months before the fall of Raven Rock and carrying a plasma rifle with enough ammunition to last him for a few weeks at least, as well as rations of purified food and water, Logan began his search for a new life and purpose or simply a way to end it all from the prying eyes of man.

Word is he's still looking to this day.
Psycho Memester
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Special Character Application Empty Re: Special Character Application

Post by Scout on Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:28 pm

Accepted and will be active once we reach Norfolk. Archiving and moving this topic.

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