KinsmanVanour's Server Whitelist Application!

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KinsmanVanour's Server Whitelist Application! Empty KinsmanVanour's Server Whitelist Application!

Post by KinsmanV on Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:29 pm

Steam Name: Ḱ̚҉̹̱̮̖i̗̥̝̪͐̊̔̏̈̎ṇ̄̔̀̋̓͊͝ͅs

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59690709

Timezone: CST

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59690709

Do you know any members of the Server: Yes. PsychoMemester is a friend of mine.

Do you have a history with EUPRP: No, I do not.

RP Experience: I have allotted much of my life into RP. Three to five years, to be precise. Most of which were in Gmod’s robust serious RP community. The rest of which were spent on forums in various game universes, one of which being Fallout.

IC Info

Character Name: Mitch Frasier

Gender: Male

Physical Description: The male before you is a bit on the younger side, no older than twenty-one. He’s wiry and energetic, fully devoted to the Brotherhood’s cause. His eyes are a muddy hazel, his hair being a similar, yet slightly darker brown. Overall, he has yet to meet the horrors of the wastes in full, evident by his clean, unweathered face. From his current and ongoing training, his body grew toned and fit, as good as any trainee.

Backstory (must be at least two paragraphs):
Mitchell L. Frasier was born into the Brotherhood of Steel, like many in it’s ranks, and, from day one, was disciplined by both parents. His father was a veteran Paladin, having taken the scalps of his share of mutants. His mother, similarly, helped in creating such weapons of war, a senior scribe. She built him mentally and emotionally, and his father built him physically.

Following in his father’s path, Mitchell took to combat, training day in and day out, even before the mandated age. Like father, like son. Years passed. His age grew, and with it, his combat prowess and physical stature. What was most well-built, however, wasn’t anything physical. It was his mind. Sharp as a tack and strategically above-average, what he may have lacked physically, he made up for mentally. Of course, time will tell whether or not Mitchell Frasier is fit to live in this new world...


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KinsmanVanour's Server Whitelist Application! Empty Re: KinsmanVanour's Server Whitelist Application!

Post by Scout on Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:21 am

Accepted. Archiving and moving.

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