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Weaponry application Format/Info Empty Weaponry application Format/Info

Post by Mister Vasili on Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:06 pm

Info:Anyone at the rank of Knight or higher can requisition new weaponry to suit that knights style of combat. Weapon requisitions come in form of "Packs" that accompany roles. So, if you wanted to apply for a 25MM grenade launcher you would be a grenadier, another way of saying it is, you could apply for a Marksman role and obtain a .308 Sniper Rifle. The weaponry in these roles can be upgrade ex: heavy weaponry can upgrade from a minigun to a gatling laser(more info on upgrading will be posted later)


Description: Provide long range pinpoint accurate fire that other knights cannot otherwise hit or target specific enemies to weaken the structure of an organized enemy. You and your rifle will be deployed by a commander and your full focus will be required.
Equipment: .308 Sniper Rifle or Scoped Focused Laser Rifle,10mm Pistol, Binoculars or similar device
Slots Taken: 0/2

Description: Provide medium range explosive fire to engage the tougher enemies from large hostiles to armored hostiles to groups of enemies. Like the Sniper Rifle this is an important squad weapon that gives any tactical formation an edge in combat when applied properly.
Equipment: 25mm Grenade Rifle, 10mm Sub Machinegun, 10mm Pistol or Laser Pistol
Slots Taken: 1/2

Heavy Weapons Operator
Description: Carry weapons of high weight, magazine capacity and firepower I.E. the minigun or a similarly heavy automatic weapon. You will use this weapon to perform suppressive fire in a firefight and to provide a generally higher amount of firepower in a squad.
Equipment: Minigun, 10mm Pistol
Slots Taken: 0/2

Description: Employ use of tactical explosive devices (C4) in a variety of situations when commanded to. You will carry C4 charges as well as C4 substance and equipment to trigger said substance. Examples of application of this role can be setting traps, leveling buildings, clearing obstacles, etc. This role could prove to be a very important aspect of the expeditionary unit and make a difference in many situations.
Equipment: C4 Explosive Charges, C4 Explosive, Electrical equipment, Timed Detonators, Remote Detonator, Standard Small Arms
Slots Taken: 0/1

Application Form
Applicants Name:
Role Applying For:
Additional Equipment to be requested with this role:
Why do you want/should you have this role and how would you contribute with it?:
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