The holotapes of Logan Wyatt

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The holotapes of Logan Wyatt Empty The holotapes of Logan Wyatt

Post by Psycho Memester on Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:57 am

Log #1

I figured that if I was going to escape, I'd need at least something to keep myself sane until I met some form of life that wasn't going to shoot me so I could strike up some decent conversation. As a result, I decided writing logs on these holotapes would be a good idea and would let me explain what I've seen out here in Norfolk so that I could recollect in the far future. That or sell it was a holotape audio series much like the authors of the times before the war. Regardless, I've taken to call this day 'F-Day' or 'Freedom Day' with the successful attempt of escape from the command of my superiors and whatever smoking remains of the Enclave lay about. I'm sure they won't be coming after me once they realize but hell, I'll be too far gone for them to follow my tracks. I've taken up shelter in the attic of a building and made myself comfortable for the most part, better than those giant metal slabs the Enclave called beds. It feels odd being independent without the assistance of the Enclave at my back but I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually.

Log #2

Went out for a scavenging run around the buildings of Norfolk for purified supplies and generally other supplies for trading purposes. No signs of human life out here for the most part, just ghouls and other mutants. Maybe I'm just looking in all the wrong holes. Anyway, I figured that sneaking around these packs of mutants was probably the best bet; not that I'm a coward for the record, but rather it would have been a waste of ammunition and would probably have ended in me getting ripped to shreds. Despite finding very little that would be useful, I did manage to find some junk here and there that a wastelander could probably find useful. I chucked it into a separate section of my pack to avoid contamination of my purified equipment. I returned to base camp before the sun went down, didn't want to have to try and find my way back in the dark with mutants out for their meal.
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