3W - Wounds and Their Proper Treatment

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3W - Wounds and Their Proper Treatment Empty 3W - Wounds and Their Proper Treatment

Post by Scout on Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:47 am

This holotape contains all information on various wounds inflicted by various means, and proper treatment for each. This is crucial for saving the lives of our troops.

Gunshot Wound

  1. Lay the injured down, and attempt to keep still as possible. Move if in a hot combat zone.
  2. Control bleeding. Stop any bleeding before moving on, apply pressure or tourniquet when you are able.
  3. Inject Med-X to allow epinephrine to go to work and reduce overall pain to victim.
  4. Remove any external pieces of shrapnel from body. Remove pieces clearly sticking out of body or close to the wound.
  5. Apply packaging bandage over wound, keep tightly tied.
  6. Apply Stimpak to boost speed of recovery.
  7. Have the wound examined once back at base.

Doing the rest tomorrow, it's like 1 am

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