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Scribe Dale Kohler - Communication's Officer Empty Scribe Dale Kohler - Communication's Officer

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>Dale Kohler :: >Dale Kohler Selected
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>Korbin Brigham
>Kylie McKinnon

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:
Scribe Dale Kohler - Communication's Officer C2b8bbdc84eae6836256a0e4236657a6

Name: Dale Kohler
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Blood Type: A+
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Mullet
Unit Ranking: Scribe
Vocals: He'd have a Canadian dialect with a Wisconsin accent.
[1x Long Range Communications Pack]
[1x Brotherhood of Steel SAPI Chest Plate w/ Carrier Rig]
[1x Rangefinder]
[1x Combat Shotgun w/ Bayonet & Red Dot Optic]
[3x Buckshot Magazines]
[3x Slug Magazines]
[4x White Smoke Grenades]
[2x Red Smoke Grenades]
[2x Green Smoke Grenades]
[4x Stimpack]
[1x iFAK]
[2x Buffout]
[4x Radaway]
[2x Rad-X]
[1x Nukacola]
[1x Blamco Mac' and Cheese]
[1x Spade]
[1x EOD Multi-tool]
[1x Repair Kit]


Unit General Information.

Unit Training: RTO, JTAC, CLS, Sapper School, and Basic Combat Training.
Unit Assignment: RTO for the Norfolk Expedition
Unit Location: Citadel
Place of Birth: Postal, a Settlement North-East of Bunker Alpha
Operational Status: Alive



Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Alleigance: Brotherhood of Steel
Raiders: Who wouldn't hate those fuckers?
Vault Dwellers: Lucky bastards.
Enclave: They get so much bad rep just because they shoot back at us. It's like they're our enemy just because our dad's got in a piss fight, eh? I just wish we would just make up and stop being assholes to eachother.
Super Mutants: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I'm running the other way.
Ghouls: I don't hate them, but they sure as Hell freak me out, eh? Fuckin' crazy how they survived.
Outcasts: What the fuck, bud. Why did you even join in the first place if you're just going to steal our shit and run away like fucking assholes, Jesus Christ. Can't you just show some respect and pay a few caps before you go, eh?
Wastelanders: They're like what those Pre-War vets call Civvies, I think that's what they said on those holotapes. Like passers by. They might shoot us, they might cling to our leg like a sad child, but hey, they are just trying to survive. Just toss 'em a pack of Blamco and they'll be happy.

Unit Personnel Relationships.

Scribe Sven Thomas: Good guy, joker out on patrol. He'll be good company.
Paladin Joseph:
LOG 1: He's a bit harsh, but he gets the job done, like we all should. Scary, too, yea' know?
LOG 2: I figured him out. Tough on the field, but a good guy off of it. He knows how to run things. I mean, I probably shouldn't doubt that, considering he made it up to Paladin.
Moonen: Some waster with sarcasm and medical knowledge. Good in my book.
Senior Scribe Charles Larson: He does his job like all of us.


Unit History: TBA

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