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Post by Mister Vasili on Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:31 pm

By order of Elder Lyons and expedition shall be assembled with the purpose of locating and recovering a nuclear reactor from a U.S. Naval ship most likely stationed in Norfolk Navy Base. This expedition shall consist of knights and field scribes led by a single paladin. Additional objectives along the route to Norfolk will be to recover technology and assist the people of the wasteland in any way possible as well as gain recruits from the aspiring brotherhood population. This expedition, however is in no way an assault force and full assault measures will not be a regular occurrence but everything seen shall be reported. Ad Victoriam.

The Expedition will leave the citadel on foot and travel along the mapped path to reach Norfolk. A full vertibird flight will not be made to Norfolk due to highly occurring radiation storms and the fragility of vertibirds could quickly and easily end the expedition in flight. Technology will be recovered and possible bases or important events will be reported to citadel for vertibird logistics and reinforcements. Regular long range radio reports will be made to citadel on a regular basis for the entirety of the expedition so fully informed decisions can be made by high command.

Vertibird reinforcements and supplies can be called in while the expeditionary force is bunkered down in any area and forecasted weather is amiable. This expedition will leave the citadel heavily armed and supplied for a considerably long trek.

Paladin Benavidez is authorized to recruit new initiates into the Brotherhood and The Expeditionary force. Vertibird requests are authorized only by Paladin Benavidez, the leader of the expedition and his second in command Senior Scribe Larson
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