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Citadel Armory Catalog by Paladin Benavidez for the Norfolk Expedition, authorized by Head Scribe Rothschild

T-45D Power Armor
Equipment Catalog T45d_Power_Armor
The T-45D Power Armor is the standard issue power armor of all knights and above in the military sector .Though the T-45D lacks compared to the T-51B armor of the West Coast, it is still typically far superior to the armor of any typical wastelander.

The T-45D runs off of Fusion cores that should be replaced daily to maintain a constant flow of recharging and re using fusion cores and for maximum suit capacity.

Scribe Field Armor
Equipment Catalog 22bpHFq
This armor has been specially made for scribes who are working in prolonged field operations. The scribe armor provides minimal protection from weaponry but can easily withstand weather conditions and provides utility.

Equipment Catalog 316px-Fo4_Armor_70
Standard Fatigues clothing issued to all personnel. Designed to provide maximum comfort and temperature with or without equipment.

Small Arms

AER9 Laser Rifle
Equipment Catalog 14803b7fd63520f41a211258e33aa35d
The AER9 is a favorite among brotherhood knights. This weapon is both an advanced piece of technology and a very reliable weapon. This weapon is powered by Microfusion cells which direct energy to the most important part of the weapon, the wave/particle diverter which fires the energy outward dealing great and furious damage to the unfortunate and doomed foes of the Brotherhood. It is important to note that the Wave/Particle diverter should be kept at high maintenance as when that part fails, so does the rest of the rifle.

The crystal arrays and non-mechanical components are delicate and if not properly serviced can lead to a loss of beam intensity, overheating, and energy regulation failure.

Urban Plasma Rifle
Equipment Catalog 41cd412d866eaaac3c89e4d55a7e11ca
This rifle was the standard issue weapon of Enclave soldiers during the Enclave-Brotherhood war and after the brotherhood triumphed many Plasma rifles were recovered. This rifle was designed as a lightweight urban combat rifle, it's sophisticated technology packs a punch but the plasma projectile seems to be less accurate than the laser rifle.

The maintenance on this weapon is very similar to the laser rifle leaving the contrast a range preference.

R91 Assault Rifle
Equipment Catalog 2008-07-19_172431_HK_21PARTSDiagram
When the brotherhood was stretched on supply, many knights resorted to using conventional weaponry such as magazine fed assault rifles making this one a bit of a relic now more often then not used by old dogs who've grown to appreciate the rifle.

A standard issue weapon of the U.S. Army during the great war, this assault rifle is a light and durable weapon, exceeding most energy weapons or any weapon in that matter in durability. It's effective range is short to medium and it fires from a 20 round magazine. Modifications for this weapon are easier to obtain and easier to apply.

Type 93 Chinese Assault Rifle
Equipment Catalog Akmblu1sm
This weapon is a rare one, capital wasteland myth is that it made its way into the region via Chinese commandos attempting to infiltrate America's capital. Whether this is true or not the fact remains that very little can be found relative to most other weaponry.

This weapon deals more damage with a higher caliber and for than the R91 Assault rifle but it's cheap factory surplus design makes it much less durable than the R91 and may jam in combat or worse fail altogether. Despite this, it is a very easy weapon to field strip and clean, requisitioning this weapon is a longshot.

.308 Sniper Rifle
Equipment Catalog 5744838215_413ed2b18c_b
Used almost only by trained Knights or those of high rank confident in their marksmanship, the .308 sniper rifle is a fine and precise weapon capable of sending a mutants head in 10 direction from 600 yards away.

While this is an excellent weapon, it is very fragile and must be repaired frequently. In my experience this works out perfectly as most knights who are proficient with this weapon are also fanatical about it being very proud of their sharpshooting abilities.

10mm SMG
Equipment Catalog 640?cb=20110802114744
This weapon is much like the 10mm pistol in the way that it fires 10mm, is very compact and is an all around durable weapon. The SMG, however can fire fully automatic with a high spread which makes it more suitable for close quarters. An SMG like this is a good main weapon for anyone who doesn't want to carry an actual main weapon, I.E. Scribes.

AER7 Laser Pistol
Equipment Catalog 43938-4285841405_e95287478a_b
The AER7 Laser Pistol is an excellent sidearm and despite the plasma sidearms recovered from Enclave, many, even some Enclave prefer to use the laser pistol. Not only is it a staple brotherhood sidearm, it has a generous battery size, tight shot grouping and a very decent damage output, though not as potent as the plasma pistol.

In terms of maintenance, this pistol requires very little with a very hardy, small and hard to damage wave converter and therefore is a favorite of scribes who believe they have better things to do.

Enclave Plasma Pistol
Equipment Catalog 640?cb=20110208224445
The plasma pistol, like the rifle fires super heated bolts of plasma that can cause a high amount of physical trauma on any enemy. Unlike the rifle, though, the more common energy cells are used instead of microfusion cells due to its low power demand. The thermal and kinetic energy damage is a high yield for such a small weapon and is best used in close range like any other sidearm.

The Plasma pistols compact and hard metal alloys make it a hardy weapon that much like the laser pistol requires a very small amount of maintenance.

N99 10mm Pistol
Equipment Catalog Guntrace
Another piece of standard issue weaponry used by the United States Army before the great war, the N99 is a very tough little weapon. It's 10mm rounds are very common and the weapon itself is easy to find as well due to the high amounts of civilian ownership. While many civilian weapons were ruined beyond use in the extreme conditions following the War, the N99 is commonly able to be easily restored to working order by anyone with even the most basic knowledge of firearm mechanics. Aside from it's extreme resilience, the N99 packs a decent punch and boasts enough penetration to pierce light to medium armors.

Heavy Weaponry
CZ53 Personal Minigun
Equipment Catalog 640?cb=20120221011732
All it takes is a couple seconds to spin up before a hail of 5mm bullets rip from the 6 barrels firing at over 60,000 rounds per minute. This weapon can deal a great amount of damage but more importantly suppress enemies for flanking maneuver, this makes the Minigun a must have in any battle and a potent force multiplier.

Maintenance on this weapon is an easy yet time and material consuming task. It's large pieces are easy to take apart in a field strip but take a long time and a large amount of material to clean. This makes the minigun less effective for material consumption but still remains a must have for any tactical formation.

Gatling Laser
Equipment Catalog 2000?cb=20120229182202
Bulky and heavy, the Gatling laser harnesses the full potential of automatic fire and laser weaponry. The Gatling Laser is capable of suppressing and or annihilating enemies. Energy is drawn from a back mounted pack with a large multitude of energy cells within it. While the weapon entered mass production before the war, not many are found today making it a very rare and important weapon in the Brotherhood arsenal.

The Gatling laser requires a high degree of maintenance to ensure it does not fail entirely and lose it's value. When it comes to maintaining this weapon, the parts are large and easy to field strip but takes a long amount of time to clean. Any knight given this weapon should consider it damn near a military honor and hold it very dearly.

Rare and Advanced Equipment

T-51B Power Armor
Equipment Catalog T51b_wraparound
T-51B Power armor is a traditional set as it was and still is used in Western Chapters of the BOS. This power armor is a symbol of the Paladin caste, who, in the west coast are the only warriors who venture to the surface and go on missions. Other than historical value, the T-51B is a better suit than the T-45D in every way and can prove very useful and protective for the warriors of the brotherhood. Protection is not it's only advantage however, the T-51B uses the same fusion cells that are used in the T-45D but is more efficient at using them as does not burn through energy as quickly.

T-60 Power Armor
Equipment Catalog Latest?cb=20151029192553
Not much is know about the T-60 except that it was the last suit of Power Armor to be developed by the United States before the great war, sometime after the battle of Anchorage. It's value in all fields is somewhat unknown so getting our hands on one of these may sate curiosity. The armor itself looks much like the T-45D power armor from blueprints found in the citadel only much bulkier. Any suit of this power armor should be reported to expedition command so that it may begin study from our scribes before it is shipped off.

Gauss Rifle
Equipment Catalog 800?cb=20110430084937
Gauss rifles are hand-held weapons utilizing electromagnetic coils to propel metal slugs at extremely high velocities. These weapons have been seen used in the West Coast but not one has been found in the Capital Wasteland. It is a very dangerous and powerful weapon that can piece even our power armor. This mean it would be very dangerous in the hands of any wastelander or worse, raiders. Despite some heartache in the brotherhood about the old ways of confiscating technology, any Gauss Rifle in the hands of anyone who isn't brotherhood should be confiscated.
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