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Crispy's Whitelist Application! Empty Crispy's Whitelist Application!

Post by Crispy on Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:31 pm

Steam Name: Crispy

Steam ID: Not telling.

Timezone: CST -6


Do you know any members of the Server: The Machinist, and one or two of you might recognize me from Axios.

Do you have a history with EUPRP: No.

RP Experience: ~5 years of RP experience in Garry's Mod, plus some more here and there through other mediums.

IC Info

Character Name: Sebastian Arts

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Sebastian is a lithe and rather short young man (likely in his late twenties). His silky, straight, sand-colored hair is short and is worn in a businesslike style, complimented well by his prominent blue eyes. You can tell that he puts a lot of effort into maintaining his appearance, though the trials of the wastes have made it difficult to remain... Clean.

Backstory (must be at least two paragraphs):

Sebastian was born in the Capital Wasteland in the year 2252, the unwanted child of a pair of roving scavengers. Throughout the early years of his life, he was treated with disdain by his parents who, despite seeing him as little more than ballast, were obligated to care for him. Despite their contempt for the infant, they made sure that he was kept well out of harm's way whenever he accompanied them on their expeditions into the DC ruins. From a young age, they did all they could to educate him on how to thrive in the wasteland, even going so far as to attempt to teach him how to read (the results of which are really debatable) and share with him their knowledge of urban spelunking - due to this, he's considered by his peers to be an expert at navigating the ruins of the Old World.

Sometime later in his childhood (the year 2263 for you nerds), his parents departed on an expedition that they would never return from - whether they befell some unfortunate fate or left him purposely is a question that haunts him to this day. He was left to wander the wastes, unsure of what he was looking for, living off of the land for weeks at a time until he was finally confronted by a group of slavers who had apparently been stalking him. As fortune would have it, said Slavers had been being stalked by a group of Brotherhood scouts, who promptly fucked their shit up when they finally decided to make their move. After an intense bout of questioning the boy, they opted to have him accompany them until l they reached the safety of the Citadel, where it was decided that he would be indoctrinated to combat their dwindling numbers. He would go on to pursue the life of a Scribe, learning valuable technical skills from his superiors as well as having many of the Brotherhood's numerous traditions passed on to him.

Come time for him to leave with the Norfolk Expedition, he is considered among his peers to be an expert in the maintenance and repair of electrical devices as well as power generation systems. He is often turned to whenever a Knight's AER9 needs repair or whenever an appliance or generator of some sort needs rejiggering, though he's a known slacker whenever it comes to anything requiring more than a few pages of paperwork...

(I can expand upon this backstory upon request, I'm just really tired.)


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Crispy's Whitelist Application! Empty Re: Crispy's Whitelist Application!

Post by Psycho Memester on Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:48 pm

Having been someone who's roleplayed with Crispy before, I can vouch for him being a cool guy who isn't a shitbrick and I can +support his application.
Psycho Memester
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Crispy's Whitelist Application! Empty Re: Crispy's Whitelist Application!

Post by Scout on Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:58 pm


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Crispy's Whitelist Application! Empty Re: Crispy's Whitelist Application!

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